KeenAble Creation Co. Limited ("KCL") is a charitable organization established on 24th April 2009.

Adopting "Disabled Artists . Promote . Incubate" as its slogan, KeenAble Creation has the following mission:-
  • explore, realize and maximize the potential of the disabled in Hong Kong;
  • provide training to the disabled and empower them to be active creators;
  • create work opportunities for the disabled;
  • promote and advertise works of the disabled and products or merchandise derived from their works;
  • promote, advance and enhance the abilities and employability of the disabled.

Sale of the works of the disabled artists is conducted through KeenAble Creation Promotions Limited ("KPL") which is a wholly owned subsidiary of KCL. KPL is an asset locked company with creating work opportunities to the disabled in Hong Kong and promoting and selling their artworks being its mission. The assets of KPL cannot be transferred at a price less than the market value unless to a charity or an entity with similar asset locked value and with mission substantially similar to that of the KPL. All the profits of KPL go to KCL.

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