Leung Ka Yan
Ka Yan graduated from Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School in 2009. Whilst she was shy and did not speak her mind often when she joined our Tin Shui Wai workshop in 2010, she is now more open and cheerful. She has a great passion for painting and claims her space in the world through her paintings which are highly detailed and ingenuous. No matter what the subject matter of the art work may be, her personality will always come through. She has potential to be a great artist. Many of her artworks have been selected by our clients for their products, such as gift boxes, gift cards, stationery and calendars. Her works “ Strange Garden”; Firework Display” and “Lotus Flower” were exhibited at our Flying Colors exhibition at Hysan Place. Her paintings “Love” and “Day and Night” are currently exhibited at the Garden View Hotel.
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