Liu Tung Mui

Born in Beijing in 1974 with cerebral palsy severely impairing her fine and gross motors and rendering her unable to walk, speak and write, Liu Tung Mui has been striving since 14 years old to use the residual gross motors in her hands to express her inner self and perception of reality through painting.  She builds her paintings from many short brushstrokes using bold and intense colours though to her, each stroke is a struggle.  These strokes harmonize from a distance giving life and energy to her paintings.  Tung Mui is an accomplished and prolific artist with over 1,000 paintings. Most of her early works concentrated on birds and plants symbolizing filial affection and great passion for life.  She recently uses ancient Chinese characters combining with graphic abstraction to express different themes.

Ms Liu held her first solo art exhibition in 1997 titled “Life, Rainbow” and since then has held various other art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Japan and the USA.  She was the runner up in the 5th International Abilympics held in Praque in 2000.  In 2005, she was selected to be one of the Hong Kong ten outstanding youths and was awarded the Medal of Honor by the HKSAR Government in 2007.  In 2007, her work titled “Persimmon Tree” was turned into a mosaic mural and exhibited in the Hong Kong Jordan MTR Station.  Her achievements are also recognized in mainland China so much so that she was one of the selected few torch bearers of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. In 2009, Ms Liu's painting titled "Dreams" was exhibited in  an international art exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

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